Eugene E. Simmons III

Elder Eugene E, Simmons III is the proud Pastor of New Covenant Christian Life Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am the husband of Shawna Simmons and the father of four children, Eugene IV, Victoria, Jenna and Jeremiah Simmons. On November 5, 2007, Elder Eugene E. Simmons was installed as Pastor of Vision for Souls Christian Life Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. On November 13, 2011 there was a merger of Vision for Souls and Covenant Baptist church and they became New Covenant Christian Life Center and Elder Eugene E. Simmons III became the senior pastor.

Pastor Simmons has attended two year of seminary at Baptist Bible College, (known today as Cross Roads). Also continues his education at the annual Global leadership conference and the Urban Alternative Pastoral Development with Doctor Tony Evans in Dallas, Texas.

Pastor Simmons is well known for his community involvement and prison ministry called Freedom Ministry which started in April OF 1993. This program has helped hundreds of prisoner come into a relationship with Christ. Through this ministry we have seen ex-offender become preachers, musician, deacon and great men become great fathers over the years.

Pastor Simmons was also chosen By the American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis as a case study because of his Paul like attributes in starting churches. He was called upon to meet with the American Baptist Churches USA to discuss the success and what we could do better as a association. Pastor Simmons believes this was very vital to forming the multicultural church. We are setting a new standard in The American Baptist as the first multicultural church in our region.

Key team members.


Eugene E. Simmons III



Enrique Alleyne

Elder, Assistant Pastor


Lady Shawna Simmons

Youth Ministry


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Nurse Ministry


Evonne Williams

Greeters Ministry


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Deacon's Team Leader


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Trustee Team Leader


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