A Vision Realized

In the fall of 2006, elder Eugene Simmons, III felt a calling on his life. His desire was to reach out to the community to help those in need. Elder Simmons, Shawna Simmons (First Lady) and 12 saints gathered in their home to organize a mission. On that very evening the birth of that mission was formed. The name of the church was formed (Vision For Souls Christian Life Center) and the first offering was collected by the new head of the deacon ministry suggestion.

They began to have bible study in Pastor and First Lady Shawna Simmons Home.

Meanwhile they were in need of a building to carryout Gods plan for their lives. The first service was scheduled for Nov 5th 2006 at 4pm with no place to have it. But their trust was in the Lord.

The first service was held at New Birth Baptist church where the Pastor Alfred Brown was the senior pastor. This was not our permanent home and we stayed there for 30ty days. In the next month the region (ABCGI) moved us into Lynhurst Community center. During this time God introduced us to Covenant Baptist Church and they voted unanimously to take us in. The first Sunday in January 2007 we had our first service there and currently reside there. Today Vision and Covenant have gone through many transformations including joining their churches together to become (NEW COVENANT CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER).

By doing this we become what God envisioned us to be a multicultural church.

Key team members.


Eugene E. Simmons III



Enrique Alleyne

Elder, Assistant Pastor


Lady Shawna Simmons

Youth Ministry


Lillia Alleyne

Nurse Ministry


Evonne Williams

Greeters Ministry


Michael Watson

Deacon's Team Leader


Kevin Penrod

Trustee Team Leader


Lenna Penrod



Norma Jordan