Michael Watson

Deacon Michael Watson

I have been a faithful member of New Covenant Christian Life Center for about 4
years; since 2008. I first came to the church to hear my older brother preach
and was blown away with the genuine love that the church showed me. For
the first time I felt like I belonged somewhere. That day I told the Pastor that
I would be back the following Sunday. I wanted to come and be a part of
this church. So when I accepted my membership and started working for Christ
right away. First I started as the bus driver and I operated the sound board.
Then eventually, I became a Deacon in training and an Enrichment Hour
teacher. Both of my daughters were baptized and they both joined the choir. The
second year we were there, the church decided to buy my children
Christmas. This really touched my heart to see that they cared so much. In
2010, I met my wife, we got married, blended our families and they fit right in
with us here at New Covenant. There is something really special about the way
the New Covenant family loves people and makes you feel welcome. Today, I am now
the Team Leader of the Deacon’s Team, I still teach Enrichment Hour, and baptize new
saints. I love to teach, but its something about baptizing that just fills
my heart so full of love when I stand in that water. My personal goal is to tell
anyone and everyone about my love for the Lord, my Savior. I wouldn’t
want anyone not to make it to Heaven because of me. I hope you will make the
decision to come join us in Fellowship. See you there!

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Michael Watson

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