Kevin Penrod

Welcome to the New Covenant Christian Life Center web page. My name is Kevin Penrod. My wife is Lenna Penrod and we have been blessed with three children. Joshua is our oldest; Sarah is the middle child; Hannah is the youngest. We joined the church in September of 1996. I have been blessed to be a part of the joining of the two congregations, Covenant Baptist Church and Vision For Souls Christian Life Center. The two congregations coming together has allowed me to serve in a variety of ways; I serve on the trustee team as treasurer, as leader of the media team, and a singer on the praise team.

When I started my current job, working as an engineer with a small machine building company on the east side of town, I did not realize that because it was a small shop I would be doing other jobs as well. One of the additional jobs that I would be trained to do was to be the accounting department, which is a job that I had never been trained in. I learned what I needed to do in the day to day business to keep the books, now I have started doing the books for the Lord. I have no doubt that this was God’s plan all along. I have been able to experience great growth through my serving in 2012, and I have an even greater expectation for 2013.

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